Opinions about Efke films?

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I use a lot of films (120) and wonder if Efke R25, R50 and R100 are good alternative to Kodak and other more expensive brands. I mostly use Agfa APX 25 and 100 and Kodak PXP and TX. Thank you for any opinions.

-- Oliver Mengele (hello@kurir.net), October 01, 1999


They are OK but not as good as they where when they were made in W.Germany by Adox. The quality control is sorry. I have used the 35mm and it came with built in scratches. The 120 type had no scratches, but have heard that some rolls are also scratched. years ago I used them wit FR X22 developer and got great resolution and tone range. My advice is stay away from them.

-- Larrye Edye (WA4GMS@webtv.net), October 01, 1999.

R25 and R50 are less sensitive to red light. R25 is pretty sharp and has fine grain, but not as fine as APX25. I have not had any scratches on my films (type 120) so far, but I always use a hardener added to the fixer. I like the tonal scale of R25 very much (developed in Emofin).

-- Thies Meincke (meincke@uni-hamburg.de), October 04, 1999.

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