XL1 problem

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I've recently acquired a Canon XL1 and on my first shoot, which began today, I noticed a thin, straight, horizontal yellow line halfway down the viewfinder. I continued shooting in the hope it wouldn't appear on the footage. On playback on a monitor tonight it appears the line is permanent, making what was shot today pretty useless. Any ideas as to what this is?

-- BG (bob@gannip.free-online.co.uk), October 01, 1999


dude take it and get the pros to check it.

-- david mcloughlin (lost_51@hotmail.com), October 05, 1999.

There may be some kind of fibre or lint between your lense and the body. Take the lense off your camera and check it out.

-- Sammy (sammy_70114@yahoo.com), November 01, 2003.

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