Have you ever wanted to really leave a cinema?

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Ever wanted to leave the flicks, ever wanted to leave, to leave the flicks, ever left the flicks, the flicks at some film you shouldn't have gone to see-ee? (Those were modified Buzzcocks lyrics, in case you were scared.)

-- MysticZed (Who Will Be Lucky Too) (zed@swansongs.net), October 01, 1999


(Cinemas. Cinemas. Cinemas. I hate ... cinemas.)

I'd rather watch a film on the video. That way I can get up in the middle of it, put it on pause, and make a cup of tea. The problem with cinemas is that you have to sit through the whole film in one go, which is awful enough if the film is fantastic, but absolutely despicable mind-and-body-wrenchingly unbearably terrible if the film is no good. So the answere is: yes, the last time I went to the cinema it was so awful that I left and never came back.

(But some people try them just the once, find it alright for kicks, and they're a cinema addict.)

-- Julian Morrow (julian_morrow@hotmail.com), October 02, 1999.

Yep. "You've Got Mail" - 'twas awful. I wanted to leave, but of course I stayed until the end. Sigh. I shouldn't have done that, I had nightmares for weeks. Months. Years. (Oh well.)

-- Sabeth (sabeth@saucybard.com), October 06, 1999.

yes. in every movie i go to see, something horribly embarrassing happens to one of Our Main Characters. I can sense this is going to happen before it does (because the majority of all movies i get dragged to see are Very Very Bad) and I run off to the bathroom schreeching, while getting this sympathetic embarassment for the poor character. I return five minutes later. I do this probably twice at every movie i go to see. I also do this when i'm watching something on video. then, however, i just leave the room and come back when the Embarrassing Moment is Over.

-- Topia, The Strange Little Bunny (reverie83@hotmail.com), October 16, 1999.

Topia: I thought I was the only one who did that! I'm relieved now.

Well, I wasn't too enthusiastic about The Mummy, but I didn't faint. Which is a relief. Of course, this may be because I was looking away in all the gory bits.

-- Flamebyrd (flamebyrd@hotmail.com), October 17, 1999.

Topia and Liz: I thought I was the only one who did that! You mean it's not weird to feel horrible sympathetic embarrassment for fictional characters? (I really hate movies where the major point is to have one or more of the characters act like a moron, for exactly this reason...)

-- Twi (kitre@agora.rdrop.com), October 19, 1999.

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