Why did they change Weaver's Personality?!

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I just don't understand why they did such a complete turnaround in her character. I liked the Weaver of the past. The one who was Carter's landlady and a team player finally. Why did they have to suddennly make her like she was when she was put in charge of the er as acting chief? It's like what they did to Carol. She said she loved doug and then she said she wouldn't let him charm his way back into her life! Its nuts.


-- Heather (Aphotic13@scififan.com), October 01, 1999


Response to Why did they change Weavers Personality?!

I noticed that, too. It seemed as if last season there was a real effort to give show a more human side to her, and now we're back to Kerry the Unmitigated Bitch. I was appalled at what she did to Mark.

Can I enlist anyone in my Kerry Weaver Must Die campaign?!

-- Mary Lyman (mslyman@erols.com), October 02, 1999.

Response to Why did they change Weavers Personality?!

Well, there's one in every crowd....and this time it's me. I have to say I didn't think there was a personality change in Kerry; rather it zig-zagged, perhaps much too violently, between the last season and the season before that. Kerry has always been an ambitious barracuda (note the almost whole year devoted to her "interim" ER chief status). And when she was passed over for the umpteenth time for permanent chief selection, she didn't handle it well. Sure, she TOLD us that she was glad to just be a regular doctor again- but I never believed it for a second. And although I was genuinely moved to see her finally warming up in season 5, this back-stab she committed to Mark seemed completely in character. And it can be attributed to the simple, lucky, fact that he spoke about Romano before she did. Don't worry- it'll catch up with her. Might even be in the next episode.

-- Chris A. (MCA1962@aol.com), October 04, 1999.

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