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Is there any interest in compiling an informal directory of people who are working on Central of Georgia layouts? Ideally, this could include info on what time era they are depicting, scale, what part of the prototype it represents, how big the layout is, what level of completion it is in (knowing that anyone who says "100 percent" is lying), top features and how to contact them for a visit. Central addicts, of course, are always welcome to visit my miserable layout south of Atlanta. Just e-mail me if you'd like to be coerced into visiting.

-- Rob Richardson (, October 01, 1999


There are quite a few Central fans who know me already, but for those of you who don't, I, too, live in the huge city of Leesburg, GA-actually only about a mile from the Albany-Macon main. Rob only SAYS his layout is miserable-he always does his layouts with style and believability and fun in mind. If anyone wants to ever come see something truly MISERABLE, they need only check out my 'Sleazy North Montgomery Area' layout for a great taste of weed-overgrown track, coal and oil spills, broken ties, etc. The Central is a 'guest star' on this layout, with 1 non-prototype train a day running on 2 railroads' trackage rights between Alexander City and Montgomery, Ala. I enjoy hanging out and corresponding with all railfans, but find that railfans who like the CofG, Ga. Group, or SAL to be 10 to 8% superior to the leading brand.

-- Bud(David L.)Leggett (, June 16, 2001.

I have an HO gauage 4x8 foot layout. Time period is 1950's with some liberties taken when dictated, hey, remember, it's MY layout. We run a little steam, a lotta blue/gray diesel, heck even a couple of IC chocolate/orange CofG E8A's just for good measure. About to embark a new pike in newly aquired upstairs 17'x26' room. Visitation is encouraged and welcomed. Constructive criticism is invited as well. Located down in SOWEGA in the metropolis of Leesburg, GA. Call before you come, my wife shoots drop-ins. She's a good shot too.

-- David Godwin (, May 15, 2000.

I, for one, would be interested in such a directory. My layout is HO scale, 4'X 8' with a 2X4 extension planned for sometime in the future. It's very loosely based around Macon, GA in the late 50's ('58-'59 or so) and is currently around 30%. My current project is wiring the control panel. Unfortunately, I'm in Chesapeake, VA, so visits would be slightly inconvenient. I would, however, be interested in correspondence, pictures, advice (lots).

-- R. M. Lavender (, October 11, 1999.

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