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-- RUTH GUIEN (RGUIEN@AOL.COM), October 01, 1999


I have not heard he was leaving the show. I guess this is going to be one more year for Mark Greene to be miserable. Can't they let the poor guy have one brief moment of joy? I don't think anyone on ER is allowed to have joy!

-- Tami Clark (, October 01, 1999.

May be part of the reason for making his life so miserable this year is so Elizabeth can comfort him and give them a Means to get closer. Last year was Elizabeth's year of misery both personally and professionally but Mark was there for her. This year is Mark's turn and it looks like Elizabeth is going to be there for him and ultimately they will be there for each other. I hope they both find a little happiness after their previous relationships. The ER could stand to have one fairly happy and stable relationship. I glad they are taking it slow instead of having them come back this season and having had them jumping into bed before they established any kind of relationship. Hopefully their relationship will be what Susan's and Mark's could have been if she hadn't left. Professionally I don't know what will happen to Mark but I bet some where down the road he will nail Kerry for some big error she makes.

-- Lindsay Zipprich (, October 03, 1999.

I've read in two places that A.E. has been contracted till 2003 for 34 million dollars or something similarily incredable. Even though Mark is my favourite, I am not entirely thrilled about his character, or even the show, lasting for four more years. WAIT! don't curse me! My thought is that I can't bear to watch a quality show or a quality character dwindle and gradually dim just to keep the show on-the-air; ER should go out with an excellent bang, the way it came in and the way its lived most of its life. We just need writers who are up to the task, who can keep up the pace and the surprises, and don't get rather silly like last season. Anyway, just think of all the things which could happen in four years...Mark and Elizabeth could have kiddies, or not, geez there's no telling. Any daring long-term prognosticators out there?

-- May Archer (, October 05, 1999.

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