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I'd like some advice. I'm taking a class requiring the use of Tri-X and D-76 developer. I've read several articles and books explaining expanded and contracted development, however, none seem to be specific in regards to time or percentage. The normal development time is 10 minutes. Can anyone help me with possible N+1, N+2, N-1, and N-2 times or percentages of basic development times? Thank, Bob

-- Bob Passage (, September 30, 1999


I used to use D76 with Tri-X and had good results with 20% additional development time when I wanted N+1. I don't recall ever trying N+2. The bottom line is that you'll have to conduct your own film tests, making sure that the development times are all that you change (i.e. identical exposures, identical developer temps etc.). The published development time tables are only guidelines in reality.

-- Asher (, October 01, 1999.

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