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Hello, I'm looking into selling my art online electronically and would like to know how..Can you please give me a hand by telling me how i might go about finding the right method. do you know who can help...or what i need to achieve the commerce transaction flow needed to implimant such a store. i would like to get flash pix software but this site doesn't guide me to the source, i could be doing something wrong ..i don't know and i need someone to advise me. I would really appreciate the intrest you might have in finding out the instructions for me.Thank you.

-- dion williams (, September 30, 1999


Selling you art online requires that you have a secure web server that has an IIP server installed. Otherwise, you won't be able to make use of the FlashPix advantages. If you have your own server, you might want to purchase the IIP servers available from LivePictures and HP OpenPix. HOWEVER, you may opt for, which uses OpenPix, to sell your art for you. They are currently making available a means of selling photos thru them. Check them out (look for Bridget). =)


-- Rommel P. Feria (, October 09, 1999.

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