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Would like good/bad experiences for transparency and negative film stock for 4x5 landscapes. Also, where on the web can you access H&D curves and other technical info on professional film stock?

-- Terry Lorch (, September 30, 1999


I'd recommend Kodak Professional E100VS for large format landscapes.

You can find technical information, including H&D sensitometric curves for Kodak products at:

Once at this page, click on "Select a Professional Product" to locate the type of film you are interested in. Once you get into the individual film description page, look for the link to the Technical Publications or "TechPubs".

-- Dan Sapper (, October 26, 1999.

Why do you want others good & bad experiences with various films? Pick a chrome or print film & shoot it for a year or so & you will then have a standard for comparison when choosing another film. Our experiences won't help you much as your gear & shooting style will be different(not to mention your lab or darkroom techniques)

-- Dan Smith (, November 25, 1999.

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