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Hello sir,

My probleme with a replication still exist. Now, i know why i receive this message: ->Error911[SQL Server]Attempt to locate ebtry in sysdatabase for database 'ma_base' by name failed no entry found under that name, Make sure that name is entered property.

when i execute this commande 'sp_helpdistributor', i receive: go -----------------------------*/ distributor distribution database directory account ------------------------------ ------------------------------ encpc43 ma_base \\ENCPC43\C$\MSSQL\REPLDATA .\SQLExecutiveCmdExec

when i execute this commande 'sp_droppublisher encpc43', ireceive: go -----------------------------*/ Msg 14080, Level 11, State 1 The remote server does not exist or has not been designated as a valid publisher. (WHY!!!!)

when i execute this commande 'sp_helpserver', i receive: go -----------------------------*/ name network_name status id ------------------------------ ---------------------------- ----------- ---- ENCPC325 ENCPC325 rpc 1 encpc43 encpc43 dpub 0 LocalServer LocalServer rpc,dsn 2

Seconde Probleme: I want to drop a database, i receive this message: ->Error 3724 :[SQL server] Cannot drop the database 'production' because it published for replication (can I drop it!!!!)

again Thank you in advance , your help in this matter is greatly appreciated Tezniti

-- Anonymous, September 30, 1999



Between a publisher and a subscriber database, there is a distribution database. It seems that what you did was list the distribution database, attempt to drop it as a publisher, which failed with error 14080, and then attempt to drop the publication database ('production') which failed with error 3724 because it was still publishing.

You might want to review Part 6 Replication in the Administrator's Companion (or in SQL Server Books Online) and look at the SQL Server Books Online articles, "Stored Procedures-Replication Stored Procedures" and "Stored Procedures Used for Subscription Administration".

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, September 30, 1999

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