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Can anyone tell me what the best method of recording a shogun mic into a Canon Optura DV camera? I'm not sure what the diffence is between balanced, XLR, or unbalanced inputs? Will I need a portable mixer or a Minidisc recorder to get the best results? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

-- Matt Berling (, September 29, 1999


Check out the beachtek adapter. It screws into the tripod hole of the camera, accepts XLR inputs from a prof. mic and outputs the signal to you cameras mini mic input.

" Beachtek XLR adapter box for camcorders

The BeachTek box is designed to fit underneath the body of camcorders and allows the convenient use of XLR inputs. The box attaches to the tripod socket of the camera, and is itself drilled and tapped to atttach to your tripod. There are two XLR audio inputs. Each is selectable for mic or line level input. Also, each input has a gain pot (volume knob) which can be highly effective if your camcorder has manual audio settings. Audio output is a stereo mini plug that connects to your camera's mic input jack. (If your camera has automatic gain control permanently ON, then adjusting the individual XLR levels with the Beach box will not have full effect). There are two models of the BeachTek box in stock. The DXA-4 is optimized for use with the Sony VX1000, VX3, and VX700 camcorders. The DXA-4P is designed for the Panasonic EZ1 and other camcorders. (The 4P has input and output grounds tied together. The Sony model has a floating ground). Equipment Emporium sells the BeachTek box for only $229. "

The site also has informative articles about sound, check it o

-- Brian Amrhein (, November 05, 1999.

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