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Hello sir,

I have a probleme with a Replication. I use SQLServer version 6.5and NT 4.0 I create a database name 'test' with a database device 'test_back 100Mb'and database log 'test_log 80Mb'. when i do the replication of this database i receive this message: ->The Data size is greater than the space available on the Data Device. I don't know why!!!

again Thank you in advance , your help in this matter is greatly appreciated Tezniti

-- Anonymous, September 29, 1999



The error message suggests to me that the subscriber database is not large enough to contain the data from the publisher database.

I could not find any reference to the error message with that wording. If you can provide the error number, or if the wording of the error message is different that what you have posted here, I may be able to find a little more information.

Good luck,


-- Anonymous, September 30, 1999

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