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Low budget DV feature to shoot in NYC Nov '99 for 15 days. We have the money, now we need the technical talent.

We're now planning to rent an XL1 and an AVID 9000 - if you're a DP or an Editor who is first an artist and second a technician, please e-mail me. If you have your own package of equipment, we still have time to cancel existing contracts and give you the rental rate instead.

Let me know SOON or my friend from Paramus will be shooting - and nobody wants that!

steelcowfilms@yahoo.com makers of "Fat Chance" a New York comedy

-- Matt Gavin (steelcowfilms@yahoo.com), September 28, 1999


Hi, I read your info. and i hope everything went well with your shoot. I am an indepedant film maker in San Antonio I have an XL1 ,box lights,jib and western dolly and all the extra gear you would need for a small production. Editing would be done on a Mac G4 w/ final cut pro. Using film rate on the XL1 is amazing, poviding you go manual with all the settings. If you're ever in need of a DP let me know. A.J

-- A.J.Garces (ajgarces@ earthlink.net), November 06, 2000.

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