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In Cartersviile, GA, did the SAL have any interchange traffic with the convergence of either the L&N Etowah division (to Knoxviile) or the NC&StL W&A division (Atlanta-Chattanooga)? I am curious if there were any traffic off of the L&N and onto the SAL, perhaps going on to Birmingham through the Rockmart wye.

Maps and aerial photos show the the SAL line to Cartersville splits just southwest of town, with one line going into downtown to the W&A, and the other branching to a connection with the W&A at a wye a couple of miles north of downtown. This second connection would appear to allow either a feed off of the W&A, or off of the Etowah division via a short run on the W&A back towards town. Anyone know the history of these connections?

-- Thomas Randall (, September 27, 1999


I used to watch trains in Wellington, Alabama as a kid in the late 70's. L&N trains, originating in Cartersville would run on the old SAL to the Wellington diamond and then swing north (towards Gadsden) on the L&N Mineral Sub. I have a few photos of these trains and I actualy road on one once! I was to young to really learn much about the operat

-- Mike Stafford (, March 27, 2000.

The SAL's listing in the Official Railway Equipment Register for January 1950 lists an interchange at Cartersville, GA, with both the L&N and the NC&StL. Just what the arrangements the track connections took, I do not know. A track connection does not necessarily imply a freight interchange. Likewise, a freight interchange does not necessarily imply a track connection. There have been instances where carriers agreed to split revenue over one point while actually hauling the cars to another (usually larger) point for carrier convenience and faster service.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, September 28, 1999.

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