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Why doesn't TNT show every episode? They tend to omit the Christmas ones.

-- dude (, September 27, 1999


Response to tnt rerurns

My guess is TNT doesn't feel the episodes that deal with Christmas (or in the case of A MIRACLE HAPPENED HERE, Hanukkah too) fit smoothly into a rotation where they are going to be shown in months like August or March or any month besides December. Then again, they did show the Christmas episodes through the first few TNT syndication runs. It's also possible the shows got lower ratings on the first few viewings, or that the stories on those shows were self-contained enough that TNT felt regular viewers wouldn't be lost if there was a jump between episodes--though I'd love to see how anyone seeing OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE without getting the closure in DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? enjoyed it. That's my ideas, I'm eagerly awaiting Season 6 start in 2 days!!

-- Ben (, September 28, 1999.

I noticed that for season one reruns, they have omitted four episodes, meaning one before thanksgiving, two around Xmas, and one Happy New year one (they also omitted the pilot episode!!!). I have e-mailed TNT about this, but got no response. I don't like waiting until the particular holiday to see an episode. If enough people e-mailed TNT...., then again, they might start ignoring us!

-- cathy samson (, April 04, 2000.

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