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I have a problem. My server webprovider. They have perl interpreter but they dont have an actual cgi bin. I just put all of my files in a folder called "smart", including the smart.cfg and the .cgi scripts and the rest too. I uploaded everthing right and set the permissions but i get an error when i try to run the script. It says there's an error because it cant find smart.cfg (the configuration file). It says it cant find it in @INC which i have no clue about. I have tried everything so i would appreciate any help. I don't know why it can find the file.

-- John Stewart (, September 27, 1999


First, change the configuraiton in the smart.cfg file to the appropriate setting. Find out the original path of all the relevent information to have this done.

eg. Where is the location of your path from the root directory? Do the directory that the script is reciding support Perl/CGI interpretation? Where is the path to the mail program (sendmail)? Etc.

God bless!

-- Patrick Chan (, April 12, 2000.

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