Kodak Developer D-23

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Does anybody in cyberspace have any useful information about using Kodak D-23 developer? The only info I have is from my rather limited contact with it (no pun intended) as well as what little information is in the Kodak book on chemical formulas. Thanks...

-- Terrence Brennan (tbrennan13@hotmail.com), September 27, 1999


There is an article on my site entitled "Mixing Developers" in which I give the formula for D-23 and reveal some of its useful qualities. http://unblinkingeye.com.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edbuffaloe@unblinkingeye.com), September 27, 1999.

Ansel Adams book The Negative covers D-23 and water baths. Pat

-- pat j. krentz (krentz@cci-29palms.com), September 28, 1999.

I used self mixed D-23 for many years with 4x5" Ilford FP-4. It's a developer easy to make and easy to use. As semi-compensating, it allows broader exposure without burned highlights, it also produces a fine grain. I shifted later to HC-110 because I felt the midtones were a little too compressed. But when I'm looking now at the negs taken with D-23, I can't decide which one could in general be better. In LF (8x10") I would choose the D-23.

-- Jan... (jan.eerala@itameri.net), September 30, 1999.

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