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We would appreciate any comment on our web site and of course our photos.

Yiannis Zampelis on behalf of the Group

-- Photographic Group Krama (, September 25, 1999


I'd love to check out your site. What's the URL???

-- Asher (, September 25, 1999.

Yiannis e-mailed me the site:

This is a beautifully deisgned website- simple and graphically pleasing. It took a bit long to download, at least on my computer, but not too bad. All portfolios are visually appealing- each photographer has a definite and consistent style. My personal favorites are Yiannis' and Mahi's portfolio because I like strong, simple, yet effective compositions.

These are the kinds of photographs that inspire me to get out of my occasional rut and go after those photographs that I might otherwise not (and later regret not taking). Good work.

-- Asher (, September 26, 1999.

That is a very unique site! Very nice layout.

-- Brian C. Miller (, September 27, 1999.

Is it just me? I couldn't find the pictures on this site. I looked and looked...Lots of Flash and text but no PICTURES!! Where oh where can they be?

-- Jay Arraich (, October 05, 1999.

Reference your e-mail that it was my "responsibility" to find the pictures, (which it is not), I tried again. All I can tell you is that when I go to the Portfolio page and choose a photographer, on the next page, the text disappears off the bottom of my screen and there is NO scroll bar. I see little flickers at the bottom of the screen of the film image you told me to look for, but I can't see enough to click on. Sorry!

-- Jay Arraich (, October 06, 1999.

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