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I submitted a question about the GL1 and then read another reply that stated that the GL1 does NOT have manual audio gain control.

I returned to the Canon specs on the GL1 and indeed I did not see it stated that audio can be set to manual. All video settings yes. Audio, no.

Is this a serious problem? I've been researching camera and so many people say how crucial good audio is and the best way to ensure you get good audio is to have the option of manaul control with XLR adaptor. Can others speak to this? It seems like the GL1 is perfect at a great price -- but the audio thing bothers me.

I'm now inclined to get the PD100A -- but then there's that 40 minute taping ceiling that bothers me too.

Thanks John

-- JOhn (, September 24, 1999


I was in the same situation as you guys until I just decided to go with the TRV-900. I couldn't justify the extra $ for the PD100, and I am needing the camera this week for a shoot, and the GL-1 will ship Sept. 30...

I think the audio problem is not really a "problem". I might still consider the GL1, I have found today's curcuitry for auto gain audio very good, my Sony Minidisc being a perfect example (I use the auto gain on this when recording even though there is manual; it usually comes out sounding better...)

Good luck, and if anyone has any more info on, say, using the Beachtek or XLR Studio Pro adapter, post it! I have also heard that Pro Max has had success using these adaptors with

-- jethro (, September 25, 1999.

I'd like to know your thinking on why you didn't go with the PD100. I'm on the fence about the PD100 and the TRV900. Here's my thinking:

First, I'm not very sure why the DVCAM format is superior to MiniDV. I understand that there are less drop frames, but the recording time is ONLY 40 MINUTES! This seems a big minus. But, is it true that DVCAM let's you add more audio tracks in post?

Also, how good is the Sony XLR cube compared to the BeaachTek audio adaptor (sits under camera). You can get the TRV900 for under 2 grand, buy the BeachTek and a good shotgun mic and you come out ahead of the PD100.

Am I cimpletely wrong? Help.

Thanks John

-- John Guillory (, September 26, 1999.

Yeah John, I think that the 900 w/the Beachtek or Studio Pro adaptor is a better way to go. The "cube" from Sony is only "mono", allows 1 XLR to be plugged in, and I don't know if this signal goes to both tracks or just the left track (usually the one designated for "mono" on any stereo machine). I have been reading alot of info about the 900, and the 100 also, and, overall, the 900 is a better deal. Of course, I just ordered one, and have to reassure myself it was the way to go! But really, I research stuff to the point of "brain fry" sometimes, and this is what I have concluded. I have read that the "track pitch" on DV is 10 microns, and DVCAM is 15; here we go with "bigger number is better syndrome". In real world comparisons, I am reading that they are equal in picture quality, as far as "robustness" goes, maybe the DVCAM is better, I don't know. The 100 has 2 settings for the exposure "zebra stripe" and the 900 has one. The 100 has support for VITC timecode and LTC, where the 900 has only LTC (RC?), which is all that the XL-1 has, and the VX-1000, and we know that these cameras do fine in production environments. Sony says the "body " on the 100 is stronger, did they cast it with different alloys? People say the 900 is a strong unit. Sony also says the 100's "components are hand picked". I don't know, it might be true, but with all the testimony about the 900 is all this stuff worth the $$$ ? Is it worth it to you and what you need it for? You have to decide. I don't know about "more audio tracks in post". If you are posting something on a computer you can have as many tracks as your audio program can handle, and then mix down to 2 track stereo for dump to videotape, (or mix 5.1 and encode it in the 2 tracks, or mix 5.1 and output to DVD, but that's a whole new learning experienc

-- jethro (, September 26, 1999.

FWI, the GL-1 that Canon is shipping is supposed to have been improved since the beta version. Apparently they've added intelligent circuitry to deal with the auto gain issues. Guess we'll see...

-- Jim (, September 27, 1999.

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