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Are there supposed to be images in the REVIEW cart? Images are showing in List Items, Admin etc., but not in the REVIEW CART.

With my lowly pearlish it looks to me like there is call for them. Line 341.

if ($useimage eq '1') { if ($image) { print "\n"; }

But I don't have any.

The preceeding is different from this one "For showing product images". Line 203.

if ($ITEM{'image'}) { print "\n";

This one works.

If anyone does have images in their review cart, i'd just like to know that the problem is me. Let me know.


-- fred adler (, September 23, 1999


I'm sorry, maybe i should have written it like this.


-- fred adler (, September 23, 1999.


If you want the images to show in the review cart find these lines in the "smart.cfg" file.

# Do you want to review command to show the prodcuct images? # $useimage = 0; images scare me # $useimage = 1; bring em on $useimage = 1;

Set $useimage = 1; to 1 to see images.


-- James L. Farmer (, September 23, 1999.


I'have the same problem. the smart.cfg is ok ($useimage= 1;)but there is no images in the cart, is there a solution ??


-- Seb (, October 02, 1999.

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