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DMV printers leave drivers without IDs, permits

By Tracy Smith The Herald

(Published September 23, 1999)

Long lines aren't the only problem drivers experienced this month at the Department of Motor Vehicles in York County.

Some residents haven't been able to get their driver's licenses, permits or identification cards due to printer break-downs since Sept. 1.

The printers that generate the plastic cards have been on the blink in both York County offices.

Since the printers began breaking down, an average of 70 people a day have had to deal with the problem at the Heckle Boulevard office.

That doesn't count the amount of people turned away to head back on the streets with expired licenses.

The offices still can handle loads of drivers needing license plates, registration and title services, however.

Joan Beardsley, a spokesperson for the state DMV, said the branches on Heckle Boulevard and Hands Mill Highway together have gone through four printers in the past month.

The printers aren't exactly new. The state department provides recycled printers to the county offices, and the ones York County has seen lately are lemons.

"They have so much wear and tear on them," Beardsley said. "The ribbon kept breaking."

Beardsley said a technician was installing two newer printers Wednesday. The DMV had to go through a private vendor to get the machines.

In the meantime, if the printers break down again, Beardsley said drivers either will have to go to another branch to get their driver's licenses or apply for a 30-day extension.,1325,104424,00.html

-- Homer Beanfang (, September 23, 1999

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