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I'am a student in UTC in France and I have a probleme with a replication in SQLServer 6.5.

The message error is that: 1-Replication cannot be installed as @@SERVERNAME is NULL

2-If Replication is uninstalled, all publications will be eliminated and the distribution database[if it exist]will be dropped. After the process has completed, this session will be disconnected from the SQL Server. Do you want to unistall replication?

3-Error 2812:[SQL Server)Strored procedure 'ma_base..sp_MShelp_subscriber_info' not found.

->I don't know why SQL Server want to found this procedure; perhaps because last time I creat a database named 'ma_base' and i do a replication a then i dropped it??

when i dropped, i receive this message: 4-Error911:[SQL Server]Attempt to locate ebtry in sysdatabase for database 'ma_base' by name failed no entry found under that name, Make sure that name is entered property.

And when i create a database with name 'ma_base', i receive this message: 5-Error 2812:[SQL Server] Stored procedure 'ma_bse..sp_MShelp_subscriber_info' not found

I don't know what i do???

Thank you very much :((

-- Anonymous, September 23, 1999


Response to Configuration of Replication and Mail


Do this:

sp_dropserver YourServerNameHere

then this: sp_addserver YourServerNameHere, LOCAL

and finally, cycle the server.

To make your life easier make the SQL Server name the same as the computer name it resides on and don't include a dash in the SQL Server name.

After this, feel free to post another question if you still see the other error messages. Because my SQL Server 6.5 installation does not have a stored procedure called sp_MShelp_subscriber_info, but has sp_helpsubscriberinfo instead, I suspect that you are trying to replicate from a SQL Server localized for one country to a SQL Server localized for another country. The documentation points out that when using replication, the servers must use the same character set, and Microsoft recommends that you use the same sort order. If you need to post again please do an sp_helpsort and sp_helplanguage for each server and let me know what the character set, sort order, and alternate languages are.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, September 23, 1999

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