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I've got an XL1 and the batteries that come with it suck. At best they last a short while, and soon they barely last at all. I've heard of powerful battery-belts and so on made for the canon specifically, but the only one i found was in the $250-$350 range which is pretty high for a battery- anyone know of any, and if so what's the company and price?


-- memo salazar (, September 23, 1999


heres how I over came the batt problems. use anton bauer system. they are so good , and late long if your shooting a feature or doc and need lasting power. for any other info.

-- david mcloughlin (, October 05, 1999.

Hey, Memo, you can check out this web site they sell some sistems that work with the XL1, and also they sell a converter, that will work with standard Anton Bauer battery belts. Hope you get what you need.

-- Angel Hepburn (, October 09, 1999.

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