What kind of music gives you screaming fits?

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What kind of music gives you screaming fits? What sort of music makes a root canal seem pleasant? What is the most awful noise disguised as music that comes out of your radio or CD?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), September 22, 1999


Country music, of course. This is only a test. In the event of the real CMA awards, earplugs will be handed out.--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), September 22, 1999.

Ya! Da Question of Da Day!


We stylin and Profilin now, uh huh!

Anyway, lately it's been Teeny Bopper music. Lame Male Oafs, Brittney "everyone wants to" Spears "her", Christina Viagra, Backscream Boys and N'Sucks.

That music is annoying.

Next is Manson and GangstaCrap.

-- Corvin Carlton (mrcorvin@bellsouth.net), September 22, 1999.

Shania Twain's "Feel Like A Woman" is country??? It can't be--I like it! Screaming fits, let's see -- "fresh" country gives me screaming fits. Obscene rap. Grunge that gives me a headache. Lyrics that glamorize drugs. Lyrics that glamorize violence. "Music" without harmony.

-- Sue Ford (classo88@aol.com), September 23, 1999.

Rap, heavy metal rock, and 'modern' classical 'music'. I hate the monotonous dissonant stuff they write these days. Two albums of choral music, one by 'Chanticleer' -COLORS OF LOVE, and one by the Kings Singers, STREET SINGERS - awful stuff, just awful. I took the horrid CD's and traded them in on something else.

-- Joan Lansberry (gallae@casagrande.com), September 23, 1999.

There's a lot of crappy music out there today. I can't stand prefab corporate music with no merit, like that of Brittney Too-Young-To-Be- That-Much-Of-A-Slut Spears, and the n-sync and those other bands. I REALLY don't like Country music, especially the newer stuff. I like old country, like Johnny Cash, back when the songs had meaning, and more important, good music. Todays country sucks. I don't like a lot of rap, either. A bass line and poorly written poetry a song doesn't make. I tend to like Progressive rock, Alternative Rock, College Rock, whatever you want to call it, but even that genre has crap sprinkled throughout it. A lot of it basically boils down to content. I don't like angry music most of the time. I use music to compliment my mood, and I'm not an angry person. I have a few CDs for when I'm really pissed, but they tend to make me violate traffic laws...

-- Kev Summitt (kevsummitt@aol.com), September 23, 1999.

I have to agree on the 'boy bands' being the worst stuff out there. Backstreet Boys, N Sync, 98 degrees, and especially this group L.F.O. They're the ones with that Abercrombie & Fitch song - I've heard it twice and now I want to strangle them with their sweater vests. I know someone has to appeal to the 'nice' teenagers out there, but all of these low-talent, carbon-copy bands are making me see red.

-- B.Mooney (ruiner@ruined.net), September 23, 1999.

Country of course! Accckkk!

-- b.rabble (rabble@express-news.net), September 23, 1999.

Country -bleck - can't stand it.

-- Carol of Suicide Blonde (carolm@zoomnet.net), September 23, 1999.

You know, I remember when 98 degrees released a song called Invisible Man.

In the video, a black group is lip syncing it. When I found out 98 degrees was a bunch of white boys I freaked out.

-- Corvin Carlton (mrcorvin@bellsouth.net), September 25, 1999.

First off, I'm a teenager and I, personally, hate a lot of today's freaking music - it's crap. Look at eminem - that's all sh!t and i can't belive what america has came to! personally, i was was "supposed" to be born in the early 70's so i would be this age in the 80's - the decade in which i LOVE THE MUSIC! all 80's groups; Devo, Vanity 6, After the Fire, the Human League, Missing Persons, etc. all rock! now that's GOOD music! I can't stand that bad ass crap that kids in my school call "music." they don't know their elbow to their - nevermind. Don't get me wrong, i like SOME of today's music but not all - like that crap people call "music" by einem who should be hung, heavy metal and punk rock - those groups like blink182 and slipknot suck and should burn! i wish i were in the 80's! i hate this decade so mich it hurts!

-- Ricky D'Ambrose (DAmbrose6@aol.com), May 04, 2001.

I'm right there with Ricky, I was born in the early 70s, so I grew up in the 80s, in fact my school years were 80-92. I like 80s music much better than the teen crap that Generation Y is listening to. Good Charlotte can flush themselves down the toilet. Britney and Hilary were born in the 80s. Their audience is younger than they are, mostly pre-teen and middle school girls. NSYNC should be NSUCK. I prefer Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson (now in jail?), Human League, Billy Joel, Ocean, Idol, old school Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, A-Ha, Paul Simon, Phil Collins & Genesis, Chicago, Bob Seger, Survivor, Steve Miller, The Police, Laura Branigan, Huey Lewis & The News, and more.

-- Robert (rwk9024@msn.com), December 11, 2003.

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