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Please share any informtion on the Sony' s HD F 900 camera (when it will come out, features, $, etc.)

Thank You.


-- Tommaso Fiacchino (, September 22, 1999


The HDW F900 is now scheduled to be released September of 2000. Or at least that's when they told me I'd be getting mine. It is a 24P switchable to 30 frames 1080i model. And it will be costing approximately $90,000. By the way I have my HDW-700 for rent currently at an amazing monthly rate. So if you can't wait to shoot till September give me a call at (310)998-1989.

Thanks, J

-- Jeremy Saville (, October 01, 1999.

I may be only 17 but I have a good old 16mm camera and I think this camera from Sony can change all that. The HDW-F900, as I saw at Sony's new professional website, it costs around $ 105,000. It includes basic equipments, except for the lens, and other stuff. But it comes into convenience when it can be transferred from Digital to 35mm film. There's no need of developing since the scenes can be played back on site. Sony did a great job on their commitment in bringing Digital Cinema to life.

-- David Christopher C. Cruz (, April 06, 2001.

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