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I have just recently been able to earn around $1200 for the purchase of a digital camera, and I was hoping to get the opinions of everyone around to see what I should buy:

Here's what I'm looking's a bit of a list, I don't blame you if you stop reading now hehehe...

* Good picture quality

* Cheap (no more than $15 per Hi8/DV cassette), reuseable film/cassettes that don't lose quality if I choose to rewrite it.

* Manual frame rate and exposure adjustment

* An image stabilizer

* The ability to input/output video and audio to a VCR and a computer (I'll buy the appropriate video card for this purpose)

* Filming in Black and White, Sepia, etc. would be nice as well, I think most do that already.

I've heard Sony fulfills most of these requirements, and at only $880 too! :) In addition, Sony has those new kinds of batteries that you can recharge at any point and it won't lose its full "lifetime".

If anyone knows where I can pick up a camera that can do this stuff, I'm all ears, and indebted to you for taking the time to read this! :)


-- Earl Newton (, September 19, 1999

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