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Hi everyone! Could someone out there please tell me the final outcome (if there is one), on a DV feature transfered to 35mm film? I'm considering buying the Sony TRV-900 the one with 3CCD chips. Has anyone seen the final results of the transfer? Thanx....

-- David Steed (, September 19, 1999


I saw Celebration last week. it was shot with a one chip dv camera (pal) and transferred to 35 film. it was a great movie, and much of it looked great, hard to tell it didn't originate on film on some of the better shots. the thing he did is he didn't use artificial lighting and as the movie progresses, it gets darker and darker, therefore it gets grainier and grainier (the director did this on purpose to go along with the themes in the film) so toward the end it doesn't look great. but the thing that striked me watching, is how a slightly different looking medium becomes very familiar after just a few minutes of watching it. in other words, once it starts, any differences fade away fast and you end up getting into it like any other movie. check it out if it's playing in your neighborhood.

-- win edson (win&, October 24, 1999.

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