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I recently managed to discover two depots in Center Hill and Webster, Fl. that escaped demolition (so far). The depot in Webster was formerly used by the ACL and is in fairly decrepid condition, although the building's walls are brick. The depot in Center Hill was on the line between Coleman and Sunniland. Was this depot owned by the Air Line? The architectural style is Mediterranean and some of the barrel tile are still in place, but the station is in virtually complete ruin. It's right off Hwy. 48 just west of Center Hill. Webster's station is right at the end of its Main street, east of Hwy. 471. Any more information on these stations would be great, and for those of you who are into old abandoned stations should go check these out before they get turned into rubble.

-- Lyle Lamboley (, September 19, 1999


The station at Center Hill was on the SAL Coleman cut-off. The Webster station was on the ACL on the Leesburg to Croom line.This line crossed the SAL at Center Hill and St. Catherine.

-- Joseph Oates (, September 19, 1999.

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