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Caught this today (9/18/99) on the NS/Thoroughbred mailing list. Seems NS is still using the former CofG between Atlanta and Macon as an overflow for the former Southern line.

Happy railfanning all............Bryan

Subj: Another weekend, more diversions Date: 99-09-18 19:51:40 EDT From: To: CC:,

NS List

We're back again! NS 175 diverted via old Central of Georgia route between Atlanta and Macon for you new listers.

Consist was a treat! NS(CR) 8208,NS 2826,6153,7054 with 111 cars southbound at 1845 at MP 239.

Bet this was the most jointed rail 8208 has seen in a long time!

Stay tuned, may be more.

Gary L

-- Bryan Smith (, September 18, 1999


More ramblings from the former CofG line from Atlanta to Macon. Gary sure keeps a sharp eye out for activity on this line.

Subj: Thomaston District High & Wides Date: 99-10-19 06:29:00 EDT From: To: CC:,

NS List

Now, for something really interesting...

Beginning yesterday, NS started delivery of 4 large Korean step up transformers to the Georgia Power plant construction site near Thomaston. Each of these transformers are loaded on a 8 axle LNAL( "Red N' Ready") or NS depressed center flat car. Train speed is limited to 10 mph for the trip from Barnesville to Thomaston.

The first was unloaded yesterday at Marne siding, just outside of Thomaston. A large capacity lifting frame has been placed over the siding there. It will pick up the transformer, and G03 will remove the car. A multi-axle truck will take the load the short distance to the construction site from there.

If I understood correctly, there might be a fifth transformer later. I am wondering if how the generator will be delivered later. Hmmm... A Schnabel in Thomaston...

By the way, for those expecting unit coal trains to Thomaston. Forget it... This one will be gas turbine powered.

More later.

Gary L

-- Bryan Smith (, October 20, 1999.

More ramblings here from Gary concerning the CofG Atlanta to Macon line. Seems as though the line is seeing a rebirth with more mainline detour freights and unit trains with foreign power. Now if Amtrak would come calling............................

Subj: NS 54N Date: 99-10-10 03:52:54 EDT From: To: CC:,

NS List

Time to feed the chickens again.

NS 54N with 49 loads for Cagle in Forsyth this morning. Power was pair of Dash 8's, but the Nag versions stayed in the engine terminal this trip. Power was CNW 8506 and UP 9063. Shame it was pouring rain and dark!

Cagle is expanding their facility at Forsyth, so these trains should be longer and more frequent in the very near future.

Note to NS... Ya might want to fix the track!

Gary (hootowl train nut) L


-- Bryan Smith (, October 10, 1999.

Could someone please let me know how to get onto the NS/Thoroughbred mailing list referenced in the posts above?



-- Stephen Flynt (, September 30, 1999.

Ya'll may be picking this up on the Thoroughbred posts, but in case you aren' it goes:

Subj: NS G09..oops..G02 (Part 2) Date: 99-09-27 06:39:00 EDT From: To: CC:,,

NS List

Picking up from our last report concerning this train. NS was unable to locate an extra crew on Saturday 25 September, so the train remained at Barnesville until the 26th... G02 came north out of Macon as usual. After their trip to Griffin, they came back to Barnesville engine light. Tripling the train together, starting and mu'ing all the units took about 2 hours. By the way, HATX 512 would not restart due to low battery.

The consist away from Barnesville was/is:

NS 3180 NS 7143 CN 9642 HATX 512 (dead) HATX 515

100+ cars

It took another 1+ hour to walk the brakes on and off before departing. G02 made it exactly 15 miles before going dead on the law. Dispatcher said relief crew was not available AGAIN, so they tied the train down on the main at Forsyth. It is still there this morning. Some of the cars in this train have been in transit in this area since last Wednesday!

I will leave off the editorial comments, and allow you to draw your own conclusions about this performance!

Gary L

-- Bryan Smith (, September 27, 1999.

More ramblings on the former CofG Atlanta-Macon line..............

Subj: NS G09 Date: 99-09-25 08:28:07 EDT From: To: CC:,

NS List

Now, for the news from the twilight zone (CGA "S" line between Atlanta and Macon).

No, we are not in Toronto...

Power for G09 today is CN 9642, HATX 512, HATX 515. Train tied down for hours of service. Engineers extra board depleted, so unknown when it will return south to Macon. Hope the weather holds out!

This Conrail thing is great!

Gary L

-- Bryan Smith (, September 25, 1999.

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