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A number of users have written about problems with missing, or incomplete orders from users of AOL or other proxy servers. Suggestions have included changing from $ENV(host) to $ENV(addr) and to moving to a cookie solution. I have not seen any definitive solutions offered yet. If they have been, I would appreciate a pointer to them.

I was using $ENV(host) and I just ran into this problem with users of @home. I definitively identified the problem as a change in the host between the beginning of the shopping process and the end. As a result, I moved to a cookie solution, which I implemented last night. My first test order fom an @home tester showed a partial fix - at least some of the ordered products were there (as opposed to none previously).

I suspect that the problem lies with the proxy server caching the cookie, even though it's not supposed to.

This is a call for all participants interested in this issue to come together to establish a collaborative effort to share information and solve this problem. If you are interested in participating, please email me and we will set up an appropriate means of communication.

If this issue has in fact been solved, please show us where!


-- Roy Lingen (, September 17, 1999


The only solution I have been able to come up with, is to put the entire shopping cart on the secure server, Which means slower loading times, etc... Which is a major pain. Considering our Shopping carts are Huge and we have 15 shopping pages on one site.. Every page has to use the https then when it goes to the orderform,. It all is there...

-- Trudy Myrland (, February 20, 2001.

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