if you discover the answer to your question - please post it!

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This forum should be an exchange of ideas, not just a place to ask questions specific to your problem, going away when you've found, or been given, the answer.

I ask all participants to adopt the following philosophy: if you ask a question, and you later get a solution, whether you find it yourself, or it is emailed to you, PLEASE POST IT on the board as a response to your own message. That way, people following will be less likely to ask the same questions all the time, and others will know that it hasn't been answered.

For example, last night I answered a question that had no previous response for a month, and received an email from the original poster that said "thanks, I solved that already - the way you said." So why did I waste my time? And where was the value to the forum?

-- Roy Lingen (rlingen@speedline.ca), September 17, 1999




-- Patrick Chan (patrick@hotmail.com), January 18, 2000.

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