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People wait at the Reno DMV.

New DMVcomputer causing long waits RENO, NV September 16  A new computer system aimed at streamlining operations at the Department of Motor Vehicles is creating customer gridlock instead.

The multi-million dollar system was supposed to speed things up at the DMV not slow them down. The new system was implemented over a week ago and since then there have been delays of up to 5 hours and last week some people were turned away. Officials at the DMV say that eventually the new system will allow customers to take care of a lot of their renewals and other transactions over the Internet. We had to do this to get the benefit to the customer and that is the use of the Internet or to call in and renew, said Ginny Lewis, DMV employee. Lewis says that by the year 2003, you will also be able to register your renewals at emission inspection stations. The $34 million Genesis computer system will also save taxpayers in the long run because the DMV will not need any new buildings and only a minimal number of new employees through 2015. DMV officials say they appreciate the customers patience and say these five hour long lines wont last for much longer. Its difficult now but in the long run its going to get us what the customer needs, said Lewis. Officials at the DMV recommend that if you have to register your car or file a change of address, mail it in or wait two or three weeks when things are expected to calm down.

-- Homer Beanfang (, September 17, 1999


Y2K plan at NC DMV: /awareness/Newsletter.html

-- Forrest Covington (, September 19, 1999.

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