Ever had a brush with fame? How about the law?

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Okay people. It's confession time. Today's journal entry was about my brush with both fame and the law. Do any of you have any similar stories?

Your secret's safe with me.

-- Mike Reed (mike@reed.org), September 17, 1999


Let's see, brushes with the law have been thankfully few and far between and mostly traffic related. I did see Kenny Loggins coming off a plane in Eugene, OR (post-"Footloose"), I saw Ravi Shankar from a distance backstage at MTSU's Tucker theatre, oh, and Ladysmith Black Mombassa in the same context. The best brush with fame however was the day my high school boyfriend (read, looser) got us tickets to see The Fabulous Thunderbirds at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville. We drove in early in the day to get a motel room (yes, I was one of the girls who did it in high school) after we checked in we walked around downtown Nashville and who should we see walking down the sidewalk but Jimmy Vaughn. Our eyes met, he similed, and then he proceed to check me out thoroughly head to toe. I was wearing a denim mini-skirt and a clingy sweater; I think he approved of the sight. My normally hyper-jealous boyfriend didn't even bat an eye, I guess he was star-struck. Me, I'm a Thunderbirds fan to this day. BTW, they KILLED at the show that night, I'll never forget it.

-- Dollie Boyd (dkboyd@home.com), September 17, 1999.

Just the other day I saw "Dimebag Daryll", the lead guitarest for the band PANTERA at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi. He walked past me and gave the the "What's up" nod...to which my wife responded "I guess they can just tell, huh?" ...but my absolute favorite encounter was the time I was in Hickory Hollow mall at Christmas time, and I inadvertantly bumped into a woman and knocked her packages to the ground ...and who should that woman be? None other than Rosanne Cash, the apple of my eye for many a year.(Mr. Mike knows ALL about my Rosie fixation) She was very gracious, said that SHE should have been watching where she was going...and then she just SMILED at me...I almost melted into the floor. Of course the whole mood was shattered when husband Rodney Crowell yelled for her a few seconds later. She said bye, and walked right out of my life! (sigh!)

-- Tim X. Davis (tim.davis@mgccc.cc.ms.us), September 23, 1999.

He may be heading for "soon to be an NBA player" status but I met him back when he was a lowly rapping, producing, record company owning, acting, some say ex-drug dealing, new orleans media mogul known simply as Master P. I was working at the mall and noticed a young girl run up to this guy and ask him if he was who she thought he was and he politely confirmed. She beamed and got his autograph and I figured "hey this must be somebody" so I went forth to investigate. Since I am not known for mincing words I went straight up to him and asked him ifI should know who he is, he said maybe. I asked if he was a musicianor an actor, he played coy and shy...and then it dawned on me (at thetime I was managing a Suncoast video store) that this was probably the guy from the "i'm 'bout it" movie that we could not keep on our shelves for more than a day. Bingo. We chatted for a few minutes, he was living in New Orleans and I lived right across the lake. We talked about his upcoming movie release as well as his plans for his next album, then I helped him pick up some DVD's( which totally impressed this geeky movie buff) and he was gone. I had wanted to ask him if there was a role for my actor/husband in his upcoming movie..you know the "evil white guy" or something, but I figured the man was busy,you know!

-- Joy Davis (cara.davis@mgccc.cc.ms.us), September 24, 1999.

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