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Hello, just wondering what the latest opinions are of this gem are...also, Promax tells me that they can ship 'em out on 9-30-99...can i get one sooner elsewhere?

thanks a million, je

-- jethro senger (, September 16, 1999


My opinion for what it's that the GL1 is going to be a great camera with only one MAJOR flaw...(and a few minor ones) The biggest convern for me is the lack of an option to disable the audio's automatic gain control. The reasoning behind this is beyond me. When I called Canon (love that "hold" time.....and this was SALES) their rep verified this travesty. I was told by "John" that this was done because the GL1 is a CONSUMER camcorder....I told him that I found that response EXTREMELY amusing considering that Canon's own press release concerning the GL1 states as follows:

Digital camcorders have begun to play an integral role in the creation of content for a range of mediumsfrom broadcast TV and independent films to PC video streaming and applications, such as Apple QuickTime movies, said Yukiaki Hashimoto, vice president and general manager, Canon Video Division at Canon U.S.A. We see the GL1 bridging these converging worlds of home and professional DV use with an impressive array of features at an unprecedented price.

Well...THAT really stumped him...he didn't really know what to say. Soooo...anywayz...that's my only real concern. You're going to have to be really cognizant of sending a BALANCED audio signal because it's going to tend to "hunt" for sound to amplify to it's level. I also spoke with one of their Tech's and asked if there was a "work- around" and was told there was not. Perhaps better minds than mine or THEIRS can come up with one.

Good Luck,

-- Greg (, September 19, 1999.

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