Why is the CIA worried about Y2K "fixes" ?

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I'm a US-born computer programmer. Until recently I wasn't worried about Y2K. 99% of the code has been "fixed"...but by whom? Now the CIA is worried about the thousands of foreign (H-1B) programmers brought into the US to do the Y2K fixes. It seems they aren't all from most-friendly nations and nobody checked their backgrounds. I had an experience with a group of immigrants from India who lured me into a fraudulent software training scam. It turns out they are in control of the entire computer system and network for a large healthcare corporation, where they are employed, that manages nearly 100 hospitals. These crooks even stole the software used in the scam from their employer. Now I'm getting really worried about Y2K. If they can engage in felony level activities, why not computer espionage? These folks had opportunity to plant viruses, back doors, trap doors, etc. into our government and corporate computer systems. Please click on the link below for more info... http://www.SANS.ORG/newlook/resources/Y2K.htm

-- John Barry (june57@worldnet.att.net), September 16, 1999

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