Did I say that out loud?

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Have you ever said anything out loud by accident? Maybe you were thinking about it a bit too strongly and blurted it out by mistake? I'm always thinking about saying something, and then when I haven't decided whether it would be appropriate to say yet, it just comes out. Like...

MY BRAIN: So should I tell the head teacher that he's a ME: Scuse me sir, your a big fat smelly hephalump MY BRAIN: Do you mind?! I wasn't finished!

-- Tim (tim@newmail.net), September 16, 1999


Happy Birthday, Tim! Just thought I'd throw that into this message....not like you were hinting or anything. :) Anyhow, back to the discussion at hand.... I'm always saying things that I thought were only in my head, and before I can stop them, out they are. Usually nothing too embarassing, just makes me sound like an elderly person who mutters odd things to themselves and to others. The usual response is, "Huh? What does that have to do with anything?", then I say, "I have no idea...I dont even know why I said that!" I think its worse, when you say something about someone then realize they are standing within earshot, or behind you... now that's embarassing. Not that I say too many bad things about people...but it does happen. Anyhow, enjoy your fifteen year old birthday... oh, I remember those days well, to be fifteen again. On second thought, I didnt enjoy it all that much...lots of puberty issues to deal with. I think 21 was better.... once you get to 26 however, you may as well just roll up in a ball and die...not much changes from that point on. Well, I sure do know how to make people feel great about their birthdays... just call me Mr. Celebration!!

-- Greg Barber (gbarber@gbdesigns.com), September 17, 1999.

Sometimes, I accidently let thoughts out, too. Most of the time, I cover up my acting like I was just joking/teasing/etc, because it's usually either very personal or very insensitive and degrading.

So...at fifteen, do you people across the Atlantic get your driver's permit? When I'm 15 (in Feb.), I'll be allowed to my drive with a parent, but to be truthful, I think the first time I'm at the steering wheel, I'll crash into someone.

-- Stephanie (starlinsk@hotmail.com), September 17, 1999.

actually tim, the things i usually say out loud(instead of the safe vaults of my empty, soon to be filled mind) are generally YOU BASTARD! dunno why i say this, but im sure im offended at the time.

-- Blue Red And Green Hephalump Spotted Cat-thing! (dundesh@hotmail.com), September 22, 1999.

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