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I have monitered this sight for sometime and have put questions to you on behalf of persons I deal with in course of my business. I have noticed that there is a very long delay,sometimes weeks,for any acknowledgement or answer,if any altough. Yet some questions get answered the same day. The way I read it,is that in most cases,if a reply is made some weeks after the question,than any answers would not now be applicable due to the time factor,ie,house repossessed etc. I am not knocking the sight,Just like to see some speedy reaction to questions even to comfort some ill paid public. Regards. David.

-- david goode (, September 16, 1999



The lack of answers is a real problem. In fact, the site is run entirely by one, unpaid, repossessee (me). It is not a Government-sponsored effort or even the product of one of the voluntary debt consumer agencies.

So, I answer what I can when I have time. Because I have no cash and little time I try to get around this by dumping anything I find out into the site itself. Some experts/experienced people do also add the occasional comment but most of the questions rely on people to make a community effort to try to answer them.

If you see any questions that you can answer, please feel free to. I really need your help.


-- Lee (, September 16, 1999.


Stand bye your Lee dont forget he,s there to to fight for you dont forget he fights for the repossee

yes stand bye your Lee

a little humour in this sad subject,which i also help on the sight when i can is always welcome so come and all join in we like replies also


-- charles twford (, September 16, 1999.

Lee,Thank you for your reply.Now I understand where I never knew before.As you may have gussed,I run a company of repossession agents throughout the uk in regard to vehicles ONLY. I will in future answer all questions I feel can be answered in regard to that and my exper etc.I will be completly independant for the good of your page.I will be opening my own site soon in regard to vehicle repossession problems once finance is found through interested parties.On your own you do a good Job,keep it up & I will visit hoping someone has a repo problem/agents tracing them etc. Kind regards For Harry. P.S.I like the Country & Western comment. David.

-- david goode (, September 16, 1999.

Thank you gentlemen. I suggest that we close this correspondence and allow raders to use the Q&A section to seek help.


-- Lee (, September 17, 1999.

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