Ever do anything really stupid and everyone found out?

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Okay, it's confession time again. I did something really very stupid once and it was caught on film.

I was a camp counselor at a Boy Scout camp. Each year they take a group photo with all the camp staff. This was my first year and for some reason known only to a 12-year-old version of myself, I flipped a bird. I had my hands at my side, and extended my middle finger.

So the 40 or so staff members that year could proudly hang the photo on the wall of a proud bunch of Boy Scouts and one jerk flipping a bird.

What did you do?

-- Mike Reed (mike@reed.org), September 16, 1999


Well I don't know if everyone found out, and I know it wouldn't have a lasting impression like your photo...still lol. While doing inventory at church a short time ago I took time to explain to my assistant that trash had yet to be emptied in the ladies room and someone had deposited a dirty diaper in it. I expanded the story with "It smelled like shit in here when I came in", all this in front of my husband AND the new minister. I didn't even realize what I said until I got home and hubby told me.. hey the minister is an ex Marine, wanna bet he has heard that? I did apologize to Rev. He grinned.

-- b.rabble (rabble@express-news.net), September 16, 1999.

I did something stupid just today...how surprising. I've been complaining to the powers that be in the department that I find it very hard to teach with no equipment available to me in my classroom (the makeup room of the theatre dept.)--I can't easily show videos or other peripheral materials of an A/V nature. I added to the mix today that it was going to be a real problem for one of the other classes I teach (a theatre appreciation class) because I use lots of tapes in that class and the classroom I was assigned doesn't have a tv/vcr. The head of the department was surprised by that and walked with me to the 3rd floor classroom,(which was occupied at the time by Doc and his class), opened the door and pointed the equipment out to me. BOY WAS MY FACE RED. oops.

-- lori (bohemian@bellsouth.net), September 16, 1999.

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