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Hello sir,

I have setup replication server on my local machine as Publisher/Distributer and Subscriber(All three services on my local computer)The replication, what I am doing is as follows:

I have a database by name CUSMS and I am replicating the tables from this database to a database by name REPORTS. Replication setup is Schedule table refresh and the time for this schedule is 5 minutes.

SQL is able to replicate data from cusms database to reports. But, the data on reports is not READ ONLY. User's who are accesing reports server can Update and delete data from reports server. But, I want the reports server data to be only Read Only.

would you please advice me, how can I setup read only data on the destination server (Reports).

Appreciated your help..


-- Anonymous, September 16, 1999



The Subscriber database, REPORTS, is read only in the sense that any changes to it are not sent back to the Publisher database, CUSMS.

The best way to keep this data from being changed by the users of the REPORTS database is to grant only select permissions to the users of the REPORTS database. Be sure that you do not set the REPORTS database as READ ONLY. That would prevent REPORTS from being updated with data from CUSMS.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, September 17, 1999

Thank you for your e-mail Mr. Kohan.

Long back, I read in notes, Regardless of the permission on the publication database, Subscriber will be having only Readonly right when the database is publish to subscriber. Is this true?

In my case, Reports database won't be publishing back to cusms database. But, Same time, I don't want Reports database users (Subscriber database) to set any rights. Meaning, I want to setup the cusms publication database in such a way, that once it's gets replicated to reports database, The copy at the reports database, must be treated as "READ ONLY".

how can I do this? Greatly appreciated your help.

Once again, Many thanks for your help.


-- Anonymous, September 17, 1999

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