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Good evening, I bought 5 rolls of Tri-X (120) for a class and realized that it was Tri-X Profesional with as ASA of 320 and not 400. This was my first purchase of Tri-X in this size and didn't realize there was a difference. However I'm sure there is. Can anyone enlighten me. Thanks, Bob

-- Bob Passage (, September 15, 1999


For the purposes of your class, it probably won't matter. TXP negatives, I have found, print the middle tones a little darker, and tend toward stronger highlights.

-- Bryant Urstadt (, September 16, 1999.

Tri-X Pro was designed as a studio film and, I believe, lacks the anti-halation coating of plain vanilla Tri-X. It has a different sensitivity curve and makes very nice prints. Avoid back-lit and very contrasty situations and it should be fine.

Kodak has a booklet about their different B&W films that gives you the true details (as opposed to my faulty memory).

-- Don Karon (, September 17, 1999.

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