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I currently have a mortgage and wanted to add my wifes name when re-mortgaging. The mortgage offer was turned down. We obtained our credit file and it showed a county judgement against my wife in her maiden name. The status is settled.(This property was bought by her brother with her in a joint name and had nothing to do with her. He fell behind in payments and received a repossed order. The property got repossed, but he went to court and they agreed on a settlement. This money was then payed by him.)

Questions: 1. If the mortgage was in two (my wife and her brother) names why does it not show half the amount for liability on credit file ?

2. Her brother has managed to open a business and expand so how did get loans ?

3. Could he have blamed her sister for the repossesion and cleared his name despite paying the settlement ? If yes how do i find out what he did as he will not give me any information to what he did.

4. My family's credit refrence is being affected due to my wifes county court judgement which is settled. Althoug this has nothing to do with her and my family, Is their any way I can rectify this ?

Regards, MS

-- Minash Solanki (, September 14, 1999

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