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How do you handle bad news? What do you cope when your life foundations are shaken?

-- Dreama (, September 13, 1999


This is a bad one for me. Whenever I find out someone has died, (this has only happened twice so far in my life) I laughed. I looked for the punchline. How's that for denial?

If that's not bad enough, I try to be the "life of the party". I try to get everyone's attention off of death, and back into life. I hate talking about death. I would rather realive their lives at funerals and such.

I cry. That's how I cope with everything. I cry, cry, and then cry some more. I suppose you've figured out I'm femail. Aside from the crying, I look for hugs. I usually end up questioning my faith. So far I've come back to it every time. Not too bad. It seems as though I have a pattern I run through each time something shakes me up. I cry, then ask God why.

-- Angie (, September 15, 1999.

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