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My parents have a few old cameras that their thinking of selling but have no idea of their value. They have the following markings

- kodak brownie 8mm movie camera turret f/2.3

- kodak duaflex II camera kodet lens

- dejur eldorado 8mm movie projector wide angle projection lens golden illuminated panel retractable tilt mechanism

Any info would be appeciated


-- Hal Ronstein (, September 13, 1999


re: Info

Hi Hal -

I can help with 2 of them -

The movie camera is worth approximately $20-40. I just got one like it for $5!

The DuaflexII is worth approximately $6-16 depending if it has a focusing or fixed focus lens.

The dejur eldorado 8mm movie projector is a mystery to me.


-- Chuck (, September 20, 1999.

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