A new SSS for a new millennium? Please?

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Craig, Lynn, anyone...

Where oh where has our SSS gone? I really miss the sense of community that we had in that old AOL forum. I've heard nothing at all lately about the new SSS, and InfiniteMusic.com doesn't even seem to exist! If everyone's too busy or there really isn't a practical way to do this on the Internet, I'll understand... but I'm willing to bet that there's a few thousand of us out there who'd do what we could (even pay to subscribe) to bring SSS back.

John Bartus Radio Active Productions 1-888-93-RADIO jebartus@bellsou

-- John Bartus (jebartus@bellsouth.net), September 11, 1999


I agree John. SSS used to be a highlight of my daily life. Lots of info and good humor to go along. An extended circle of friends. Please, somebody tell me that there is an effort being made to continue it.

-- Bob Keelan (bkeelan@aol.com), September 29, 1999.

Well...after the debacle dealing with Infinite Music, I'm reluctant to say *anything* until I know for sure I'm dealing with people who can be trusted. However, rest assured that a resurrected SSS is closer than ever. There are 4 extremely good offers on the table, all rather different, and I am basically trying to decide which would work best. I miss SSS as much as everyone else, maybe more so, and can hardly wait to get back "on the air." This may involve a monthly subscription fee, like $5 or something, but maybe not. I wish I could tell you more but I'm waiting until it's a "done deal." Wish me luck! -- Craig

-- Craig Anderton (anderton@aol.com), September 29, 1999.

Craig, I'll keep checking at this site to keep up with your progress. I will happily pay a subscription fee to enjoy what we had on AOL. -Jack Sadler saddlesong@dsldesigns.net

-- Jack Sadler (saddlesong@dsldesigns.net), February 18, 2000.

Here at Chambers Studio's, were lost without ya! Can't say how many times I went on SSS to find out what real world people were saying about products in the biz! Craig your input was always consise and unbiased, we all need that kind of info in the tangled Pro audio world. C'mon back soon! Sean Chambers Studio seanspark@mediaone.net

-- Sean Chambers (seanspark@mediaone.net), March 26, 2000.

Check out Craig's new site at http://www.musicplayersnetwork.com/ Apparently, MillerFreeman, pub. of Guitar Player, etc., has worked the magic, and aspects of SSS are back, under Craig's name, and with his active participation. Now, all it takes is for US to show up and make it really work again... Seeya there! David

-- David Coffin (dcoffin@taunton.com), March 28, 2000.

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