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I wrote back in may.. Bigshortfall I am lost. Since then I received no info from you (Lee) I went to local debt bods, who helepd me word a WITHOUT PREJUDICE OFFER #2000. I was then written back to saying that without income and expendditure forms they would not consider. I did not fill out their form I made my own one, leaving out info like employer, is house mortgaged etc. as i was told that they didn't need such details.They replied that they wanted 'documentary evidence' ...payslips, loans details and BANK STATEMENT!!! I said that i would not supply this as it was an invasion of privacy, but if they cared to tell me what information they wished to 'extract' from a statement I would get an independent ie CAB to verify my info and write to them accordingly.

I have now received a letter saying offer is rejected they are willing to accept #100 monthly upon regular review etc. I should write confirming my acceptance within 7 days including my first payment Blah Blah Blah.

Please help I am going into hospital on Monday to have my baby

-- Mrs Brown (, September 10, 1999

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