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I recently purchased a TLX and have really enjoyed this fine little piece of machinery. I would like to know which Minox accessories are compatible with my camera. Do the right angle finders or reflex finders attach to the TLX? Is Minox planning on producing filter-attachments like the ones used by the IIIs? I was also wondering if Minox distributes a newsletter announcing upcoming products.

-- Mark (, September 09, 1999


AFAIK, the current accesories for TLX are listed in

Minox lab under "8x11 accesories"

The reflex finder attach to the side of older Minox also fits the TLX; reflex finder shows up quite frequently at ebay

Other accesories of interest include Minox tripod, Minox 8x11 flash, binocular adapter(LX/TLX version) and Minox copy stand.

I don't think Minox publish any news letter, however, you may register with minoxlab for their email update.

TLX is indeed a fine camera, and it is scratch resistant.

-- martin tai (, September 09, 1999.

Re: scratch resistant.

The TLX body is titanium coated, so is resistant to scratch.

But the "MINOX" logo at front of camera is silkscreened paint, not anodized titanium, be careful to to scratch it, when attaching acessory such as cable release bracket, binocular adapter etc.

-- martin tai (, September 09, 1999.

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