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Hello sir,

I need your expertise advice. I am encountering a error, which is causing me too much hurdles in proceding for Replication. The error is as follows:

Trying to install replication from Server toolbar gives the following error. "Replication cannot be installed as @@Servername null". I don't understand what does this mean's? I checked my sysservers entry and I can see my server listed in that table.

I am running Windows NT with Service pack 5 and SQL Server 6.5 with Service Pack 5a.

would you anybody help me please.. I have been posting my problem's in this forum and i got very good reply from the master's of SQL Server.

Please advice me..

Many thanks in advance.


-- Anonymous, September 09, 1999



Do this:

sp_dropserver YourServerNameHere

then this: sp_addserver YourServerNameHere, LOCAL and finally, cycle the server. To make your life easier make the SQL Server name the same as the computer name it resides on and don't include a dash in the SQL Server name.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, September 10, 1999

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