titanic's lost jewels

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I want to know what happened to all of the first class safes and all the jewels that were in them?

-- Monique Posada (mgirl@n2.com), September 08, 1999


Researchers have reason to believe that all valuables left with their owners. Most of the ladies retrieved their jewels. The Purser even went as far as to tell the crew members to remind the passengers to get the valuables from his safe. When the Puser's safe was salvaged and opened on TV in 1987, it was empty.

-- (pdlimo@bellsouth.net), March 19, 2003.

None of the first class safes have ever been recovered. The safes recovered are that of the second class or third class. There are numerouse claims by the first class passengers for lost jewels. There is still some treasure to be found but unlikly for a long time becouse the ship is in such a bad shape. In fact none of the woman in first class thought to take their jewels with them they thought that they would be back on board before breackfast. Little did they know. If you dont believe me think of it this way if all of the jewels had left the ship then why were there hundreds of claims filed for lost jewelry after the sinking.

-- Joshua Tift (josh64088@hotmail.com), May 07, 2004.

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