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Gold is cheap boys and girls.

It will never be this cheap for many many years. (well, maybe it will get a bit cheaper for a while)

The stock market is way overvalued (it may still get more overvalued)

For all you guys with your well stocked 401k's and IRA's, are you just going to sit there with all that overvalued stuff?

Or are you going to be a SENSIBLE investor and hedge some of those gains with some physical metal? Just 5% of your assets. That's a good hedge and it isnt extreme. Some mining stocks are cheap too (and risky, you never know what they're up to)

Gold is cheap. A 20 year low. Buy low sell high. Your dollar buys almost twice as much as it did 3 years ago. Half the african miners are out of work.

Of course you could continue buying those overpriced stocks, after all, I'm just an idiot right? Currency implosions only happen to the wogs in banana republics right? 1% Dividend rates and P/E of 35+ for the S&P are good right?

Gold is on sale, for a limited time only, while supplies last. Big clearance sale... until the central banks run out. (silver and platunum are cheap too)

Gold Eagle site

-- The Hunchback (, September 05, 1999


If your wife or husband (or parents, or friends...) think you're nuts, dont even mention y2k. Just say:

"I think the stock maket is getting a bit overvalued, I'm just adjusting my portfolio."

At $250 gold you shouldn't feel guilty about "paranoid" y2k behaviour, you can call it a "buying opportunity"

-- dA hunCHback (, September 05, 1999.

i went to open an ira at schwab. as i was talking to the broker he asked me what growth fund i would be interested in. i told him that i wanted to put my money into precious metals.

he looked at me like i was crazy. on his wall he had a chart of the past sixty years for the dow. he pointed to it and said that i should bet against the trend.

-- Guns, Grub & Gold (home@the, September 05, 1999.

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