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I cant seem to add more than 1 mpg without adaptec's vcd creator to crash on'll either lock up or give me some bogus crash error message and close automatically. Does that mean the .mpg is corrupted? Im just trying to add seven 60 meg files in to a vcd. im using version 4.0 that just came out. thanks for any information.

-- trae (, September 05, 1999


Had a similar problem with VCD creator 4 giving either giving GFP errors or not allowing muliple MPGs or stating that did not have proper MCI driver after the first MPG file was added. It turned out to be a registry problem with the registry having other older references to an older version of Ez Cd Creator in the keys which which where not removed by the uninstall program. You can try to uninstall all versions of EZ CD creator, then enter the registry to remove all of the keys for EZ CD creator. If you do not want to do it manually, can probably use something like norton utilities to correct the registry. Then reinstall EZ CD Creator 4.

-- Mr_somebody (, September 05, 1999.

Are you trying to add all 7 at once? I've found that EZCDC died when I try to add all 7 at once. I get around this by adding them all individually.

Hope this helps

-- Kevster (, September 08, 1999.

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